Was it Red or Jag sent packing on Big Brother?

 Was it Red or Jag sent packing on Big Brother?

Big Brother was back for another live eviction episode on CBS last night, but who was the unlucky houseguest sent out the door?

With Jag back on the block, there’s no more super power to save him. Cam gloats about surviving the block three times and vows to save his boy Red. Jag feels like a pawn at this point and hopes it results in making the team stronger moving forward.

Cirie meanwhile secretly wants Jag out because he has too much intel on her game. Later, Felicia and Izzy start to get scared about evicting Jag. Cirie later calls legend 25 back together to make sure everything is going as planned – she tells Red he’s staying.

At the eviction ceremony, the votes went as follows:-

  • Cam voted for Jag
  • Bowie Jane voted for Jag
  • Blue voted for Red
  • America voted for Red
  • Matt voted for Red
  • Cirie voted for Red
  • Izzy voted for Red
  • Cory voted for Red
  • Felicia voted for Red
  • Mecole voted for Red

By a vote of 8-2, Red was evicted from the Big Brother house, becoming the first houseguest this season to not be evicted by an unanimous vote.

The latest Head of Household competition was called “Name that toot”.

Julie would show a collection of videos showing coloured toots. She will then ask the players a series of questions about what they just saw. Answers will be True or False. If they answer correctly they remain in the game. If they are wrong they will be eliminated.

The last houseguest standing after seven questions will be the new HOH. Here is the order of elimination: Bowie Jane, Matt and Cirie (Question 3), Felicia, America, Blue, Meme and Jag (Question 4), Izzy and Cory (Question 5). Cam is the new HOH!

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