Who does Cameron nominate for eviction?

 Who does Cameron nominate for eviction?

Big Brother continued on CBS last night, with current Head of Household, Cameron making his nominations.

The episode picks up after Cam’s HoH win following the conclusion of Thursdays live show. Cam says that he is ‘beyond pissed’ at Red being sent home, and hopes that everyone in the house is now feeling nervous with him in charge.

Bowie confronts Felicia, Izzy and Cirie for leaving her out of the vote. She says she would like to have known who they were voting for and feels out of the loop. Cirie says they’re still here for her, but Bowie won’t believe them. Felicia shoots it straight. She says, “Stop your cryin.’ Put your big people pants on and play the game.” Cirie says they weren’t being dishonest, they just didn’t share everything all the time. Bowie is still crying and says, “I don’t even care about the game.”

At the nomination ceremony, Cam prepares his speech before being interrupted by the humiliverse. He has to take our 9 pies from the pantry and smash a pie on each of the nine houseguests who is safe.

One by one he pies each of the houseguests until just Izzy and Felicia remain, meaning both are nominated for eviction.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Izzy or Felicia? Find out Wednesday on CBS.

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