Who won the iconic ‘Pressure Cooker’ HoH competition?

 Who won the iconic ‘Pressure Cooker’ HoH competition?

Following hot on the heals of last weeks unanimous blindside of Hisam was the next Head of Household competition, and this time it’s the endurance competition to beat ALL endurance competitions – The Pressure Cooker!

The concept of the Pressure Cooker is a simple one – whoever can hold the red button the longest would win. Houseguests were not permitted toilet breaks.

As a two time nominee, Cameron was feeling the pressure this week to win the competition and guarantee his safety this week.

Felicia and Cirie both felt like the worst case scenario would be if Cameron or Red wins HOH because Felicia is worried Cameron could use the excuse that she put him up as a pawn in order to do the same.

At around the 4 hour mark, Izzy moved just a little too much and her arm also lifted. Her “Concert” card as the trigger for the first three eliminated houseguests to leave the Pressure Cooker and return to the house, leaving the remaining players still in with loud rock music blasting over the speakers. When Felicia’s three allies entered the house again they got emotional over their loss. Izzy feels like they’re underdogs despite having power the last two weeks.

Later, after the 12 hour mark had passed, Mecole accidentally moved her hand whilst swatting away a fly. Her “Dinner Party” card awarded her a special dinner party with three other houseguests of her choice.

Mecole temporarily left the room leaving Cameron and America alone to chat. Cameron immediately offered safety to Amanda, but she wanted to know that she wouldn’t be a replacement. Cameron insisted that she’ll go further in the house if she doesn’t make herself a target by winning the comp. America asked if he’d also give Cory safety and he agreed. When Mecole returned to the room, America made her move to lift her hand and take the deal with Cameron.

At the nomination ceremony, Cameron turned the keys of Jag and Blue, telling the house that they’re both ‘tremendous, multifaceted competitors’ so wanted them both to have the chance to play in the Veto competition.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will they use it to save either Jag or Blue from eviction? Find out Wednesday on CBS.

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