Who won the latest Head of Household competition?

 Who won the latest Head of Household competition?

Scary week concluded on Big Brother last week, with Cameron winning back his place in the Big Brother house, but who won the latest HoH competition?

For the competition, everyone had to reassemble “spaceship pieces” in a block puzzle quicker than everyone else.

In the puzzle challenge from the premiere, America finished first so she was feeling strong this time around as well while her showmance Cory struggled to figure it out. As the comp continued, Cory realized that Matt and Jag were both doing well, alongside Cameron and Blue, and thought it would ultimately be best if one of them one because they’d keep him and America safe and they’d have to be the ones to “draw the line in the sand” by nominating other players.

Both Matt and Cameron placed their final piece and hit their buzzers within seconds of each other, but Cameron got it in first and claimed another HOH.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Cameron revealed the photos of his two nominees: Felicia and Mecole. He told Felicia that she’s had “many conversations” and that makes her a competitor. He apologized to Mecole for having to nominate her as well.

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