Who won the power in this weeks Veto competition?

 Who won the power in this weeks Veto competition?

Big Brother continued on CBS last night, with the season 25 houseguests competing in the Power of Veto competition.

With the nominations set, Hisam started a campaign to ensure that nobody takes Reilly off the block this week. During the course of his campaigning, he “gently explained” to Matt that saving her would be bad for his game, trying to insinuate that doing so would put himself at risk.

For the Veto competition, HoH Hisam and nominees Reilly and Cameron got to select a chip from the bag. Hisam picked Matt, Cameron picked America, and Reilly picked the Houseguest’s Choice chip and selected Blue to play.

For the competition, the six players played independently for a timed challenge in the Scramble-verse.

Players had to use clues learned from a record players to complete three tasks within a music room in the fastest time. Cameron, America, Hisam, and Reilly all appeared to decode the clues quickly, but Matt had trouble finding the “Peeano” (toilet piano) in the first clue that ate up a significant amount of time and Blue had general trouble understanding the scrambled messages she received from the scratched vinyls.

The results of the timed comp were:-

  • Blue in third place with 2 minutes 36 seconds
  • Cameron in second place with 2 minutes and 10 seconds
  • Hisam in first place as the winner with 1 minute at 45 seconds1

That was Hisam’s second straight POV win and third straight comp win overall.

After the competition Bowie reappeared from the Nether Region, she also had “nothing to report” to the other houseguests.

At the Veto meeting, Hisam announced that he would not be using the Veto on either of the nominees, adding that Reilly was his target and her HoH was the cause of the house splitting prematurely.

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