Zing! Zingbot returns to roast the house

 Zing! Zingbot returns to roast the house

Zingbot returned to roast the Big Brother house on Tuesday night and the houseguests competed in the latest Power of Veto competition of the season.

Following the conclusion of the nominations ceremony which saw Cirie and Felicia nominated for eviction, Bowie set her sights on targeting Cirie this week – but others in the house were wanting her to target Cameron this week.

Bowie let Cameron know that Cory it pitching his eviction which only prompted Cameron to ask Bowie to consider putting Cory up instead. Bowie said she can’t do that because then America would want to come after her.

Zingbot 9000 arrived from the Scramble-verse to deliver compliments like “It’s nice to see all your beautiful faces” instead of the standard zings that they were expecting from the iconic robot. When Zingbot took the players to the backyard to compete, it presented itself in an even less expected version as OTEV The Zinging Robot. Unlike Zingbot 9000, OTEV was primed and ready to take digs at each of the houseguests. The zings included jabs at Blue’s fashion sense, America “robbing the cradle,” and Cirie being in a position again to “lose while on an island.” OTEV capped it all off with a remix of “America the Beautiful” with new lyrics that question America’s taste in Cory.

For the Veto competition, the six players had to run around the backyard in search of a specific item. The slowest player in each heat would be eliminated.

  • Heat 1: Cirie eliminated
  • Heat 2: America eliminated
  • Heat 3: Felicia eliminated
  • Heat 4: Matt eliminated
  • Heat 5: Bowie eliminated

Jag was the last houseguest standing and won the Power of Veto!

Did Jag use the Veto to save either Cirie or Felicia? Find out Thursday on CBS.

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