Big Brother 20 opens with a tough decision and the season’s twist is revealed

 Big Brother 20 opens with a tough decision and the season’s twist is revealed

Host Julie Chen on the Premiere of Big Brother. BIG BROTHER, celebrating it’s 20th season, follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with 94 HD cameras and 113 microphones. BIG BROTHER will air on Sundays (8:00-9:00PM, ET/P/T) and on Wednesdays and Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS copyright2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Big Brother premiered its 20th season on Wednesday night as 16 new houseguests moved in and began the battle for the $500,000 prize.

Among the newbies were a yoga instructor, basketball star, and a retired police officer. The first eight to enter the house were Sam, Bayleigh, Tyler, Steve, Kaitlyn, Winston, Angela, and JC. They each got to know each other and then the final eight were Scottie, Faysal, Rachel, Kaycee, Haleigh, Chris aka “Swaggy C”, Brett, and Angie.

After some champagne and introductions, it was time for the games to begin. Host Julie Chen told the group they would play two games and the winner would get a huge game-changing power, while the two losers get a game-damaging punishment.

Host Julie Chen on the Premiere of Big Brother.

In the backyard, the “BB Super Computer” crashed and the houseguests were sent into two separate groups to play a game. The first saw the group were in the dark – literally – as they had to find one of seven folders in the room. The one to not find a folder faced a punishment and the one that found the “escape and play” folder would advance to the final round.

Angela found the “escape and play” folder, while Kaycee did not find a folder at all.


The second game saw the next group hanging from a harness with lettered blocks below them. The goal was to spell out the word “Houseguest” without dropping a letter. Like the first game, the one to finish first advances and the last remaining houseguest would be punished.

In a close finish, Swaggy C would advance to the final round to take on Angela. Meanwhile, Sam would be punished for coming in last.

The final challenge was simple: Swaggy C and Angela must stay on their surfboards the longest while dodging objects trying to knock them off. After getting a door, target, and twisty thrown at them, Angela falls and Chris is the winner.

Julie explains more of the twist to the house, telling Chris he cannot just pick and choose who he wants safe. He’ll have to pick from the groups who moved in together. Quickly, the other houseguests started making their pitches to Chris but in his Diary Room session he said: “I need to do what’s best for my game.”

Before Chris’ decision, Kaycee returns wearing a rainbow “Pinwheel of Death” and Sam returns as a…robot. Seriously. Julie explains when Kaycee’s pinwheel spins that she will not be able to leave the room until it stops and Sam is a robot until next week and has to go to the DR when called. Wow. That could be brutal for her social game.

Finally, Chris makes his decision. He chooses to save himself, Brett, Rachel, and Angie. Then the second group of Scottie, Kaycee, Haleigh, Faysal.

Just before the end of the episode, Julie informs the viewers about this year’s twist. It is called the BB App Store and here is how it works. The viewers will vote on which houseguest they want to give a power to and the houseguest with the most votes will get it. However, the HG with the fewest votes will be punished. Fans can head over to for all the details.

Big Brother continues its premiere week on Thursday night when the first Head of Household and nominations will be revealed. 

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