Big Brother producer confirms no past houseguests will return for Season 20

 Big Brother producer confirms no past houseguests will return for Season 20

Big Brother kicks off its 20th season on Wednesday night but one thing viewers will not see in the house is houseguests from seasons past returning to play the game.

Executive producer Allison Grodner confirmed that when speaking to Entertainment Weekly on Monday. However, she did not rule out a chance to see a past houseguest return to host a competition.

“No, there will be not, says Grodner. “I can confirm there will not be. It’s different. We always try to mix it up and keep it fresh and this year, as you’ve already seen, there are 16 brand new houseguests that will be playing this game.” Of course, that doesn’t mean former players may not show up in the house from time to time for other purposes.

“It’s our 20th anniversary of Big Brother so there will be nods to our history and our past houseguests from the get-go. You will see that in the show and throughout the summer.”

The past three civilian seasons have had one to four returning players to compete for the $500,000 prize against the new houseguests, giving the veterans a significant advantage in the game. Big Brother 19 saw the return of Paul Abrahamiam to the house, much to the dismay of fans.

Grodner also spilled some hints on the season’s twist “BB App Store”, which will see viewers voting on which houseguest is trending. Host Julie Chen also has pointed out you will see an aspect of every season of the game leading up to its 20th season.

“It is sort of a spin on that,” says Grodner. “It’s a bit different, though. In this case, people will go online and they complete a survey with questions about the houseguests that will result in some houseguests trending the most and some houseguests trending the least. And, in that case, the houseguests will go one at a time into the App Store, similar to last year, but instead of people voting people to have certain powers, the people that are trending the most based on the survey will have access to choose certain powers.”

Big Brother 20 premieres with a two-night special Wednesday and Thursday on CBS.

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