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Cody Wins Big Brother: All-Stars!

Cody Calafiore has won Big Brother: All-Stars by a unanimous jury vote.

Cody secured the win after picking up all nine jury votes and as a result won the shows $500,000 grand prize. 

Fellow houseguest Enzo Palumbo came runner-up and secured a price of $50,000. 

Cody dominated the game this season, winning a total of 4 HoH competitions, 4 vetos and also presented a brilliant social game. 

Speaking to the Jury prior to the vote, Cody said: ‘I had three of my Final Twos in the Final Five,’ he added, ‘Being an ally of mine was a crucial aspect of this game.’

‘I can’t just say I played the game for myself. I played it for people that meant something to me,’ he added. 

Also in the episode we saw Cody and Nicole face off in the next Head of Household round, which required them to identify false statements about their former housemates, which Cody won.

The former Committee member then had to decide which of his original Final Two would sit by his side at the end.An emotional Cody had to then listen to both Nicole and Enzo beg him to keep them in the game.

‘Cody, you have been my ride-or-die since day one in this house,’ Nicole said, crying. ‘If I was in your position, I would not cut you.’

‘Cody, my guy, man,’ Enzo began, ‘I’ve never been in these seats on finale night. We did this from day one; you know I had your back. Everything I did—even saving her—was for you, bro.’

Cody said, ‘Although it was such a blessing to have both of you in the Final Two, this is horrible to do to one of you guys. But Nicole, I am so sorry.’

He cried as he hugged her goodbye, and then he and Enzo both hugged.

‘You guys both played one hell of a game,’ Nicole told them, putting on her mask and striding out. ‘You should be proud.’ Speaking to Julie Chen-Moonves, Nicole swore she wasn’t angry at Cody, saying, ‘I wouldn’t have done it to him, but… he’s got guts.’

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