Faysal wins first Power of Veto of Season 20 but keeps nominations the same

 Faysal wins first Power of Veto of Season 20 but keeps nominations the same

Big Brother 20 continued on Wednesday night with the first Power of Veto competition of the summer and while there were fireworks because of the 4th of July holiday, there were fireworks inside the house.

Wednesday’s episode picks up following the reveal that someone got the power from the BB App Store. Sam quickly went to work and denied that she had it. Meanwhile, Faysal lets the house in on the fact he was voted the least trending houseguest and viewers were treated to a segment of him eating veggie ham.

Meanwhile, Head of Household Tyler and Swaggy C have a conversation where Swaggy suggests Tyler put up Angela if Sam or Steve come down with the veto. However, Tyler tells him he is considering Bayleigh, Swaggy’s ally, as a replacement.

Swaggy informs Bayleigh, who is obviously upset and hurt about the fact she may go on the block. She then goes to speak to Tyler and their talk goes nowhere. Honestly, the amount of time spent on this segment proved to be pretty pointless.

In the veto competition, it was a challenge straight out of the show Fear Factor. The person who finishes last in each round will be eliminated. Scottie, Swaggy, Steve, and Sam all were eliminated in the first four rounds. This left Tyler and Faysal to face off, with Tyler claimed he’d throw it to Faysal.

The final round saw Faysal spend through match some disgusting soda flavors by taste and win the PoV.

In the end, Faysal decided to not use the Power of Veto, ensuring either Sam or Steve will become the first to be evicted from Season 20.

Who will be the first houseguest to be evicted? Sam or Steve? Find out on Thursday night in the first LIVE eviction of Big Brother 20 at 9/8c with host Julie Chen.

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