Tyler wins first HoH of the season, takes the safe route with nominations

 Tyler wins first HoH of the season, takes the safe route with nominations

Big Brother 20 concluded its two-night premiere event with the first Head of Household being crowned and the first set of nominations. However, it was not all fun as divisions are already appearing just 48 hours into the new season.

Remember, the houseguests moved into the house last Wednesday in real time and so what viewers have seen the first two nights is pre-recorded footage until the show’s first live eviction next Thursday.

Thursday’s episode picks up with Kaitlyn still seething from Swaggy C’s decision of which eight houseguests to save for the week, saying: ” He made the wrong move. He just put a huge target on his back.”

It was then time for the first Head of Household competition of the summer. Because they are immune from eviction, the eight safe houseguests did not take part. This left half the house playing the game and vying for safety.

The game was simple, make your way across a balance beam and pick up a ball, and target another player’s tube to fill. Once the player’s tube was filled, they were eliminated from the game. For some reason, the houseguests targeted Steve and Sam, eliminating them first. Eventually, the final two standing would be Tyler and Bayleigh, with Tyler taking home the win.


Tyler had everyone coming up to the HoH room to give him advice on who to put up. Swaggy C and his group were pushing hard for a big target like Angela to go up on the block but Tyler wanted to take the easy way out in the first week.

In the end, Tyler stuck to his gut. He would nominate Steve and Sam because they were the first two out of the HoH competition.

Will Steve or Sam win the Power of Veto to save themselves from eviction? And which houseguest did America pick to receive a power from the BB App Store? Find out when Big Brother continues on Sunday night at 8/7c on CBS.

If you can’t wait until Sunday, be sure to head over to our spoilers page for up to date news from the house.

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