Tyler wins Power of Veto, executing his backdoor plan with Kaitlyn’s help

 Tyler wins Power of Veto, executing his backdoor plan with Kaitlyn’s help

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For the second straight week, Tyler holds all the power inside the Big Brother house, despite not even being Head of Household.

Wednesday night’s episode picked up following Kaitlyn’s nominations of Scottie and Winston. Swaggy feels confident that Winston is going out of the door on Thursday but little does he know of the shocking surprise that awaits him at the end of the hour.

Kaitlyn’s DR tries to convince viewers that it was all her idea to get Swaggy out for ‘comments he made’ towards her but it is really Tyler pulling her strings this week. Truthfully, Kaitlyn intended for Winston and Angela to go on the block until Tyler convinced her Swaggy was the best opinion. It was but for Tyler’s game.

Kaitlyn has been Tyler’s puppet this week.

It was time for the PoV competition, hosted by newly engaged BB19 houseguests Jessica and Cody.  The competition was individually timed and houseguests had to match dating profiles of past players to their dating locations. The player to complete the course in the fastest time wins.

Winston timed out at 20:00, Scottie finished with 18:20, and Faysal had 6:22. Tyler’s time was 5:29 and he was the winner of the veto, giving him his second comp win of the summer.

Tyler decides to remove Scottie from the block as he will start to trust him more. Kaitlyn then goes around to her former alliance members and informs them she is going to do something they won’t like. She tells Haleigh she is putting up Swaggy, who then tells Rockstar.

At the veto meeting, Scottie is removed from the block. Swaggy goes up, shocking the house and leaving tempers flaring.

Will Swaggy or Winston be evicted from the Big Brother house? Find out Thursday LIVE at 9/8c on CBS with host Julie Chen for the second eviction of the season. 

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