Cliff Hogg sent to jury as final three are confirmed

 Cliff Hogg sent to jury as final three are confirmed

Cliff Hogg became the latest member of the jury during Thursday’s eviction episode of Big Brother. 

The episode kicked off with Cliff knowing he needs to get something over on Jackson, so he decides to try and guilt him into taking him by saying he will turn the jury against Jackson. This is an obvious last-ditch effort and it only angers Jackson more than he already was.

Meanwhile, we finally got a jury house segment. It revealed Nick and Kat are hooking up and Nicole may have a real shot at winning if she does go to the final two.

Host Julie Chen Moonves returned to get the veto meeting and eviction started. Jackson used the veto on himself and Cliff was the only option to be put up as the replacement nominee.

Jackson evicted Cliff and secured the final three of Jackson, Holly, and Nicole for finale night. Following his eviction, Julie spoke to Cliff about what went down this past week.

“It was a strange situation,” Cliff said. “I was scared of Tommy because I thought there would be more mental competitions later on and I felt he’d take Nicole over me.”

Big Brother continues Sunday night with a special episode as Julie sits down with Tyler, JC and Season 20 winner Kaycee plus the final HOH competition gets underway.

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