First two cookout members join BB23 jury, new HoH crowned

 First two cookout members join BB23 jury, new HoH crowned

Following a live vote, a two Houseguests are evicted and interviewed by Host Julie Chen Moonves. Remaining Houseguests compete for power in the next Head of Household on BIG BROTHER Thursday, September 16 (8:00 – 9:01 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network and live streaming on P+. Pictured L-R: Derek Frazier, Hannah Chaddha, Kyland Young, Azah Awasum, and Xavier Prather Photo: CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

They made it all the way to final 6, but the jig was finally up for ‘The Cookout’ alliance this week, as 2 of them were sent packing to jury.

Earlier in the week, following his HoH win, Kyland nominated Tiffany and Hannah for eviction. He then went on to win the Power of Veto, unpredictably choosing to keep nominations the same.

With the first of two eviction votes of the night, all 3 eligible houseguests voted to evict Tiffany and she was sent out the door to jury.

What the houseguests weren’t aware of at this point is that this was another double eviction. Julie announced the news to the house and then the 4 remaining eligible houseguest went head to head, competing to become the next Head of Household.

The comp saw houseguests attempt to knock 12 balls off a ramp, 1 at a time using another ball. The person first 2 houseguests to complete the task and press the buzzer would advance to round 2. Xavier and Azah were the first 2 houseguests to ring in and advanced to the second round. In the second round, Xavier and Azah the houseguests had to roll their balls onto the grass instead of knocking balls off the grass. They each rolled 10 balls and the houseguest with the most balls on their grass at the end  would become the next HoH. Both Azah and Xavier score their first balls on their 5th attempt. Azah takes the lead after six rolls. Azah’s lead continues and after both houseguests had finished rolling, Azah won 5-3!

Of course, as this was a double eviction there was little time to celebrate, as Julie soon instructed Azah to state the name of the 2 houseguests she wished to nominate for eviction. She chose Hannah and Xavier.

Next up, houseguests competed in the “What the bleep?” comp, where they viewed a number of videos of statements made by houseguests over the summer with a portion bleeped out. Julie then told the houseguests what the phrase was and asked them to state if this was true or false. After 7 videos, Kyland and Xavier were tied and had to answer a tie breaker question which Kyland won when he answered “In seconds, how long was the “Cluckster” HOH competition?” with 1,100.

At the PoV ceremony, he used the veto to save Xavier and Azah was forced to name Big D as the replacement nominee.

At this point, you see where this is going – at the eviction vote, Hannah was evicted by a 2-0 vote, becoming the 2nd cookout winner sent to jury.

Who will win the HoH and guarantee their spot in final 3? Tune in to CBS tonight at 8/9c and stick with Big Blagger to find out.

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