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America’s Field Trip competition sends a message as Tommy’s HOH reign begins

Big Brother continued on Sunday night as America sent three players of the now-dead Six Shooters alliance a message to kick off Tommy’s HOH reign.

Sunday’s episode began following Tommy’s HOH win. Cliff figures he will be hitting the block since Tommy will feel he’s partly responsible for Jack being evicted. Jackson and Kat both are worried about touching the block but Christie and Holly are over the moon.

Tommy talks to Christie and lets her know he’s planning to nominate Kat and Cliff with Kat as the target because she’s playing both sides of the house. Later on, Kat comes up to talk to Tommy and the two are lying to each other. They clearly don’t trust each other.

It is time for America’s Field Trip. After eight days of voting, America decided to choose Analyse, Christie, and Jackson to play for the chance to win immunity. However, the danger is if you are last then you are automatically facing nomination for eviction.

Jackson and Christie figure out America do not like them and the first tears of the night flow from Christie’s eyes. To the competition and it is the classic BB chicken coup competition. 

The object of the game was simple, to knock out down letters spelling the word “SAFE” with eggs. The first to do it won immunity and after struggling a few times, Jackson would win safety. Despite Analyse wanting to throw it, she couldn’t make it obvious. Christie was struggling too much and would lose, automatically being put up for eviction.

Christie is still crying, upset that America doesn’t like her. And the tears flow yet again.

Tommy needs to make his nominations and while he may have hinted at changing them, he doesn’t. He sticks to his original decision to put up Kat and Cliff. 

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Christie ever stop crying? Tune in on Wednesday night at 8/7c on CBS when Big Brother continues to find out.

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