Big Brother: All Stars has lost its first houseguest

 Big Brother: All Stars has lost its first houseguest

Big Brother: All-Stars has had its first eviction of the season, and it was an unanimous vote.

On the block for the first round of nominations were Keesha Smith (BB10) and Kevin Campbell (BB11).

Before announcing the result of the eviction vote to the house, host Julie Chen-Moonves warned both houseguests that one of them was about to return to a COVID-19 United States saying: 

‘When you exit the house, please socially distance,’ she urged. ‘Go straight to the empty chair across from me, and remember: Please put on your mask.’

Julie then went on to announce the result to the house.

‘By a vote of 13 to zero, Keesha, you are evicted from the Big Brother household,’ Julie said.

Keesha accepted her fate put on a pink mask before departing the house.

“You should not feel bad about the 13-0 vote,” Julie said. “Let me just remind everyone at home, you played this game 12 years ago. You won America’s Favourite Houseguest and you made it to the final four. You will always have that.”

From the moment the episode started, new alliances sprung up all over the house.

It was clear from the outset, however, that Keesha had little support in the house, especially after Kevin pleaded his case to the other houseguests.

Memphis and Cody dubbed themselves ‘The Commission,’ and decided to build a ‘layer’ of four people below them who could protect their interests.

Following the eviction ceremony, the house then participated in the second Head of Household competition of the season, ‘The Big Brother Watch Party’.

As outgoing HoH, Cody was not eligible to compete.

The houseguests were shown scenes of a fake family watching Big Brother All-Stars at home. They were then asked them a series of questions about what they’d just seen.

Memphis answered the most questions correctly, and therefore won the competition and has become this weeks Head of Household.

Who will he nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday 8/7c on CBS.

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