Cliff returns with a bang and makes a big move

 Cliff returns with a bang and makes a big move

Cliff made his big return to the Big Brother house on Sunday night and left his mark on the game. Well, for now.

Sunday’s episode picks up following Cliff winning the Comeback Competition. Right away, we see gr8ful (or whatever is left of it) rallying to do damage control with Nick and Bella. It does not do any good as Bella knows she cannot trust the alliance anymore and Jack goes off on her, blaming her as the reason the alliance did not work.

It is quickly time for the HoH competition. This is a Q&A as the houseguests must correctly identify some patches on board. It comes down to Cliff and Jack and it would be the Texan defeating Jack, who did not even get to press his button.

With Cliff back in the house and running things, Jack’s side of the house is running scared. Cliff realizes this and says being in power has made him the most popular guy in this house.

One by one, we get a montage of all the houseguests coming to talk to Cliff. Christie and Jack both tell him about Christie’s power and say Bella would be the target to go home this week.

At the nomination ceremony, Cliff nominates Jack and Jackson for the chop.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used to save either Jack or Jackson from eviction? Find out when Big Brother continues on Wednesday night at 9/8c on CBS.

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