David is banished (for now), alliances form, Christie ​wins first HoH

 David is banished (for now), alliances form, Christie ​wins first HoH

There’s a new person in charge of Camp BB and things are going to get very interesting. 

Big Brother 21 continued its two-night premiere event on Wednesday night. The episode kicks off with the houseguests working Jackson to not get banished. Kemi makes the big mistake of not going to talk to him and that would mean bad news.

Jackson would decide to banish Cliff, Kemi, David, and Jessica. Host Julie Chen Moonves returned to get the Black Box style competition started. Cliff was impressive and finished first, followed by Kemi and Jessica.

Julie informs David he was last and is gone from the Big Brother house.. for now. 

With David out, Jackson forms a bro alliance with Jack and Sam. They then bring in Christie, Holly, and Isabella. So we’ve got a six-person alliance going into the first Head of Household competition.

At the HoH comp, Jackson’s other role was dividing the HGs into teams for the endurance challenge. Everyone falls one by one, leaving Christie and Tommy. Christie would hang on the longest, becoming the first HoH of the summer.

Before the show ended, Julie said David may be out of the house but he’s not gone yet. She mentioned something that has never been done before on Big Brother will take place next week.

Who will Christie nominate for eviction? And what is the mysterious “Whacktivity Comp”? Find out when Big Brother continues on Sunday night at 8/7c on CBS. Keep an eye on our spoilers page for live updates from the house.

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