Enzo Makes The Final Three

 Enzo Makes The Final Three

Enzo Palumbo has secured his place in the final three after winning the latest crucial Head of Household competition. 

For the competition, the houses were tasked with ‘Knight Moves’ – a game which required the houseguests to move like a knight would across a giant chess board.

Every square that they reached would then be flipped over, slowly boxing in every player. The last houseguest to be boxed in would win the title. 

As outgoing HoH, Nicole was not eligible to compete.

‘Enzo winning HoH is my best bet,’ she considered. ‘Because there’s only four people left, only one person is voting to evict. And I think that Cody and Christmas would both keep me safe this week and take me to Final Three.’

However at the nominations ceremony Enzo nominated Christmas and Nicole for eviction saying that he hopes they will understand now there there are ‘slim pickings’ of houseguests. 

Who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday on CBS. 

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