Holly keeps The Six Shooters in full control with HoH win

 Holly keeps The Six Shooters in full control with HoH win

The Big Brother game is being controlled by the Six Shooters and it seems like there is little anyone can do about it.

More than half of Sunday’s episode revolved around the Head of Household competition, which saw the houseguests hanging from a vine. Jessica and Nicole fell within the first ten minutes, while Nick and Sam fell seven minutes later.

Christie, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson all drop. This leaves Kat, Analyse, and Holly. Kat drops because her only goal was to defeat Jackson, which led to an attempt at a deal between the final two. Jackson kept cheering Holly on but not Analyse, which annoyed her. Holly would outlast Analyse after two hours and be the new Head of Household.

After weeks of Jackson treating people like garbage on the feeds, we finally got to see some of that in Sunday’s show. Viewers see Jackson making Kat cry, be rude to Analyse, and later on Christie mentions she’s close to done with him as well.

Although, none of this matters this week. Holly is Jackson’s ‘showmance’ in the house and he is basically running her HoH. They discuss possibly putting up Christie but they feel it is not the right time just yet.

At the nomination ceremony, Holly nominates Sam and Nick for eviction this week.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Sam or Nick from eviction? Find out when Big Brother continues on Wednesday night at 9/8c on CBS.

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