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Kaysar Ridha evicted from BB All Stars house

Kaysar has become the next houseguest to be evicted from the BB All Stars house. In what came as a shock to absolutely no one, Kaysar was evicted by a unanimous vote of 10-0, whilst sitting on the block next to Christmas. 

Kaysar didn’t want to go quietly, using his pre vote speech to attempt to blow up the games of several key players by exposing their side alliances. 

Speaking to Julie following his eviction, Kaysar revealed it wasn’t really the money that motivated him to return to the show, but stating that he saw the show as a platform for change in the world. He was also shocked to learn of Memphis’ involvement in the 6 person alliance.

Following his eviction, it was once again time to crown a new HoH, in this week competition entitled “Face Off”, houseguest took turns to answer questions based on a grid of all star selfies. The person who buzzed in with the correct answer of either “Less”, “Exactly” or “More” remained in the competition, and chose the next pair to face off, with the other houseguest being eliminated. In a tense contest, which often saw opposite sides of the house pitted against one another, it came down to Christmas and Da’Vonne, with Christmas taking home the crown after Da’Vonne rung in with the wrong answer to the final question.

Just before the show finished and Chenbot delivered her now seemingly weekly “Words of Wisdom”, Julie found time to tease a new twist in the form of BB Basement, an in the dark competition which will result in 3 so far unspecified powers entering the game.

Who will Christmas nominate for eviction? and what impact will the BB Basement have on the game? Stick with Big Blagger to find out.

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