New HoH crowned and 2 more houseguests on the block

 New HoH crowned and 2 more houseguests on the block

Following a live vote, a Houseguest is evicted and interviewed by Host Julie Chen Moonves. Remaining Houseguests compete for power in the next Head of Household on BIG BROTHER Thursday, August 12 (8:00 – 9:01 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network and live streaming on P+. Pictured: Kyland Young Photo: CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Following the eviction of Christian, Sunday night’s episode saw new HoH crowned and 2 more houseguests took their seat on the block.

The HoH comp saw houseguests face off against one another, 2 at a time. Each pair were played a song which described a previous competition from this season. Following each clip, the houseguests were asked a questions with the first person to buzz in an provide a correct answer progressing to the next round, whilst the other is eliminated. Britini and Claire were chosen by random draw to go first. Clare was first eliminated before Britini chose Kyland to face off against Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth was next to be eliminated before Kyland chose Britini and Azah to face off, with Britini being eliminated next. Azah chose Klyand and Alyssa to face off and Kyland once again emerged victorious, picking Azah and Derek F to go next. Azah won and chose Tiffany and Hannah to go head to head. Hannah was eliminated before Tiffany chose to pit Azah and Kyland against each other. He eliminates her leaving Xavier and Tiffany to face off. Xavier falls at the final hurdle leaving Tiffany and Kyland to duke it out for the HoH.

Despite his best effort to throw it to Tiffany, Kyland answers correctly and is crowned the new Head of Household.

During the nomination ceremony, Kyland chooses to nominate Claire and Derek F.

Next up, there’s a new twist in town – and it’s off to the High Roller’s room we go (has someone been watching BBCAN I wonder?)

Once there, houseguests learn that for 50 BB Bucks they have a chance  to bet on a veto player this week. If their player wins veto, they also win their own veto. For 125 BB bucks next week, they have a chance at winning an opportunity to take a nominee off the block, with the replacement nominee being decided by a roulette wheel. And in the 3rd week of the twist, for 250 BB bucks, they have an opportunity to win a chance to take over the HOH’s reign.

It’s time to reveal who the public voted to award BB bucks too. Sarah Beth was gifted 50 BB bucks and chose to play in this week’s veto derby. Hannah gets 75 BB bucks and decides to save her money. Xavier also receives 75 which he choses to save. Britini was awarded 100 BB bucks which she saves. Azah gets 50 BB bucks which she also choses to save. Alyssa is given 50 BB bucks which she saves. Kyland gets 50 BB bucks and he decides to play in the veto derby. Tiffany is awarded 75 BB bucks and decides to play but loses all her points. Derek X won 100 BB bucks and he choses to save them. Derek F is also given 100 BB bucks and he decides to play in the veto derby. Finally, Claire got 50 BB bucks and she also decides to play the veto derby.

The results of the derby were as follows:

1st – Kyland

2nd – Derek F

3rd – Claire

4th – Sarah Beth

As a result, these 4 houseguests will bet on the Veto comp and if correct, will win a veto of their own! Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save Claire or Derek F? Tune in to CBS on Wednesday at 8/7c and stick with Big Blagger for the latest!

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