New HoH dethroned by Coin of Destiny twist

 New HoH dethroned by Coin of Destiny twist

The Houseguests compete to win the Power of Veto. During the Veto meeting, the winner of the competition can keep nominations the same, or save someone from eviction for the week on BIG BROTHER Wednesday, August 25 (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network and live streaming on P+. Photo: CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Tiffany may have landed her first HoH win of the summer, but she best not get too comfy as BB is about to throw a spanner in the works.

Following her HoH win, Tiffany’s attention quickly turns to the Coin of Destiny twist as part of the High Roller room and how it might impact her nominations.

At the nomination ceremony, Tiffany names Kyland and Sarah Beth as her two nominees. They join Xavier who is automatically the 3rd nominee as a result of his veto win last week.

However, none of this is really relevant as the Coin of Destiny is in play this week in the final of the High Roller room twist. Of the eligible houseguests, only Hannah, Claire and Big D have enough to play. Ultimately, only Big D and Claire choose to play in the Coin of Destiny comp as Hannah decides not to play to ensure as many members of the cookout as possible are eligible to play in next week’s HoH.

To be in with a chance of winning the game changing power, houseguests had to roll gold discs down a lane with 3 slots at the end. The person who got the most coins in the slots after 2 minutes was then in with the chance of overthrowing this weeks HoH. Big D “throws” the competition and only scores one disc in the slots. Claire does marginally better but pulls out the victory managing 3 discs in the slots.

At a second nomination ceremony, it’s revealed to the house that someone won the Coin of Destiny game and chose heads. That means Tiffany is left with tails and must toss a coin to decided whether or not she will be dethroned.

The coin lands on heads and with that, Tiffany’s reign as HoH is over.

As one of her closest allies, Claire matches her nominations in secret and these are revealed to the house. Xavier remains the 3rd nominee.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Kyland, Sarah Beth or Xavier from the block? Tune in to CBS on Thursday at 8/7c and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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