Ovi wins the first “Whacktivity Comp” but is he really safe?

 Ovi wins the first “Whacktivity Comp” but is he really safe?

Big Brother 21 kicked into high gear on Sunday night with the first nominations of the season and the first ever Whacktivity Comp, which would see one houseguest get a special power.

The episode kicked off with Christie’s first Head of Household win of the season. Jackson still thinks he runs the house and Kathryn is already paranoid. 

Christie, Jack, Nick, Tommy, Holly, Bella, Jackson, and Analyse created a new alliance called “gr8ful”. Christie decides that Cliff will be the pawn this week, which is something he is not on board with at all.

It only took half this episode for the eight-person alliance to get found out, that is because Ovi overhears talk about an alliance and tells Analyse. Little does he know, she is in that alliance and she runs and tells them about it.

The first Whacktivity Comp of the season takes place with Kat, Balla, Nicole, Cliff and Ovi taking part. The houseguests had to go and identify smells from the trash can and correctly put each smell with the correct can. 

Ovi was the first to get all three correct and won the Nightmare Power, which allows him to make two new nominees in secret prior to the nomination ceremony and leave the original nominees safe from eviction. Ovi then wanted to make a new alliance but little does he know, he is talking to gr8ful, who play it off.

At the nomination ceremony, Christie nominates Cliff and Kathryn for the first eviction of the season.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Cliff or Kathryn from eviction? Find out Tuesday at 8/7c when Big Brother continues on CBS.

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