House Tour

The Big Brother house has become as recognizable a character as any of the many houseguests that have walked through its illustrious doors over the years. Each year its décor and styling has set the tone to how that series will play out.

Whilst predictably, there are no structural changes to the house, it has been given a fresh lick of paint ahead of the latest season!

The House that Never Stops meets the City That Never Sleeps, as this season, the Celebrity Big Brother House gets a Manhattan makeover!

This season, the celebrity HouseGuests will be living all things NYC, but with a twist! It’s the Big Apple from the 1930’s and 40’s, updated with a modern flare.

The Living Room

The living room is transformed into a classic warehouse loft, complete with exposed brick, which contrasts nicely against the gold-leafed trim and double-shaded brass sconces.

Kitchen & Dining Room

New York City is home to some of the finest restaurants in world and that spirit is recreated in the Celebrity Big Brother kitchen.

And the refrigerator is topped with an oversized martini glass and shaker, which seems just right for a celebrity-sized nightcap.

Meanwhile, the faux French oven island is the perfect spot for morning coffee.

Red tufted walls with caricatures of past and present HouseGuests pay homage to classic high-end Manhattan eateries.


The lounge in the Celebrity Big Brother house is modeled after the 20th Century Limited, billed as “the most famous train in the world.”

Used during this time by the most elegant of passengers, the train inspired the phrase “the red-carpet treatment.”“

Created with elegance and comfort in mind, details in the lounge include train-style windows and overhead racks, complete with passenger’s luggage. 


Before ever boarding the 20th Century Limited, passengers would wait in a cigar lounge and have their shoes polished.

The room even features a shoeshine bench for that authentic feel.

While there’s no smoking inside the Big Brother house, the communal bathroom shares inspiration with those classic lounges.

The Bedrooms

The house has three bedrooms downstairs inspired by the windows and displays of the retails stores on 5th Avenue, the famous skyscrapers of the 30s and 40s, and a luxury hotel that sparkles with gold leaf and marble.

Upstairs Lounge

Upstairs, HouseGuest will hang out on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. String lights stretch from end-to-end across the all-chrome bridge structure.

Head of Household 

The Head of Household bedroom takes our HouseGuests backstage on the Great White Way.

The HOH feels like a dressing room at a Broadway cabaret, with a massive LED marquee as the headboard, putting the Head of Household in the spotlight.