House Tour

The Big Brother house has become as recognizable a character as any of the many houseguests that have walked through its illustrious doors over the years. Each year its décor and styling has set the tone to how that series will play out.

Whilst predictably, there are no structural changes to the house, it has been given a fresh lick of paint ahead of the latest season!

This years house has been described by CBS as being “inspired by the fun, colorful and creative interactive spaces on tech campuses around the globe, with a dynamic touch of innovation in every room.”

The bedrooms above are mirror images of each other and are back to back, with a sliding wall in the middle meaning there is nowhere to hide – but what did you expect? This is Big Brother, not summer camp!

No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, that is an actual climbing wall – all 22ft, so the housemates can literally climb the walls. If that wasn’t enough, the living room also includes a sofa which sits on a rotating platform, because…well, why not!?

The kitchen features a 4 ft tall gummy bear, although before you get too excited, it’s made out of fibre glass.The bathroom is where it all goes down – this season with added emoji cushions – somehow we don’t think the houseguests will have much an issue expressing themselves.It’s the one room where every houseguest wants to be, the HoH room – and this year it’s been given an upgrade. Not only can the HoH watch the other houseguests, they will now also be able to communicate with them through the use of a new intercom!