These set of people below are set to be your extended family, you’ll know their names, positives and negatives, but at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want them around you or your house.

Alyssa Lopez

Age: 24
Hometown: Sarasota, Florida
Current city: Sarasota, Florida
Occupation: Swimwear Designer

Three words that describe you: Witty, sarcastic, and outgoing.

Favorite activities: Weightlifting, videography and video editing, boating with friends, going to the dog park with my dogs Jeter and Piper, and going to Siesta Key beach to watch the sunset.

Fun facts

  • I was featured on a Hooters billboard and taxi top.
  • I have my Drone Aircraft License.
  • I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Production.
  • I did gymnastics for 10 years.
  • I am launching a swimwear line.
Azah Awasum

Age: 30
Hometown: Baltimore
Current City: Baltimore
Occupation: Director of Sales Operations

Three words that describe you: Charismatic, crafty, and clumsy.

Favorite activities: I love cooking! It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I am also an avid biker (just completed a century earlier this year) and a world traveler (26 countries and counting!)

Fun facts

  • My grandfather was a polygamist with 6 wives and 47 children, I have over 300 cousins!
  • My name means “able to make friends.”
  • Avid traveler! Prior to Covid, I visited four countries per year.
  • Afraid of manholes.
  • Attended Messianic Jewish school for primary school upbringing.
Brent Champagne

Age: 28
Hometown: Cranston, Rhode Island
Current City: Cranston, Rhode Island
Occupation: Flight Attendant

Three words that describe you: Adventurous, passionate, and confident.

Favorite activities: Sports, working out, stock trading, hiking, fishing, and traveling.

Fun facts

  • I am a former D1AA collegiate athlete. (Injury ended it before it really began.)
  • I am a former live lottery television host for Rhode Island Lottery.
  • I won my very first car, a 2008 Honda Civic, in a video making contest.
  •  quit my jobs in the summer of 2016 to take a road trip around the United States in that very Honda Civic. Five weeks and 9831.2 miles later, my desire for spontaneous adventure and experiences only grew.
  • I created and have my own personal fishing website.
Britini D'Angelo

Age: 24
Hometown: Niagara Falls, New York
Current City: Niagara Falls, New York
Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher

Three words that describe you: Driven, compassionate, and loving.

Favorite activities: Dancing, karate, softball, tennis, theatre, spending time with my family and friends, swimming, biking, running, fitness activities, playing Mario Kart, and making Tik Toks!

Fun facts

  • In 2019, I won both the Niagara Medal (voted on by the members of the senior class as the individual who represents Niagara University the best) and the Senior Medal (Valedictorian – Perfect 4.0 GPA across two Degrees) at Niagara University. I was the first individual in the 162 year history of the university to win both awards in the same year.
  • In May, I graduated from Niagara University with my Masters in Early Childhood & Childhood Education, with additional certifications in Special Education 1-6 and Theatre Education K-12!
Christian Birkenberger

Age: 23
Current City: Harwinton, Connecticut
Occupation: General Contractor Assistant

Three words that describe you: Charming, friendly, and determined.

Favorite activities: Being with friends, disc golf, mini golf, basketball, fishing, and flirting.

Fun facts

  • I can ride a unicycle.
  • My pupils are two different sizes.
  • I can do multiple flips.
  • I’ve only had one girlfriend.
  • My favorite food is chicken and waffles. 
Claire Rehfuss

Age: 25
Hometown: Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Current City: New York City
Occupation: AI Engineer

Three words that describe you: Clever, driven, and spunky.

Favorite activities: Reading novels (especially non-fiction or fantasy), playing my Nintendo Switch, and completing crosswords but I’ve also started constructing puzzles too! During quarantine, I also became passionate about going on long walks in Central Park to bird watch and doing Yoga in my tiny apartment.

Fun facts

  • I was one of the first women to graduate with a Data Science Engineering degree from the University of Michigan.
  • I’ve written code that’s been on satellites, used in national election campaigns, and by many of the top Fortune 500 companies.
  • I competed in speed programming competitions in college and have placed in a 20,000 person Hackathon before!
  • My last name means Deer Foot in German! Which is fitting because many family members (myself included) have two partially or totally webbed toes.
Derek Frazier

Age: 29
Hometown: Philadelphia
Current City: Philadelphia
Occupation: Safety Officer

Three words that describe you: Loud, outgoing, and assertive.

Favorite activities: Going out, dancing at the bars, CrossFit, and binge-watching TV!

Fun facts

  • I can fall asleep sitting up or standing.
  • My Dad is Smokin’ Joe Frazier the boxer.
  • I can lift a lot of weight. Bench 315 lbs, deadlift 500 lbs, backsquat 520 lbs.
  • I went to military boarding school for high school.
  • I went viral on TikTok once for a video I didn’t post.
  • I know how to box in a boxing ring.
Derek Xiao

Age: 24
Hometown: Baltimore
Current City: New York City
Occupation: Start-Up Founder

Three words that describe you: Funny, logical, and thoughtful.

Favorite activities: I’ve been really into chess and surfing recently. I just spent a month in Hawaii, and I would surf every morning and then play chess on the beach. Growing up I fell into the typical Asian stereotypes and played tennis and piano. My mom only cooked Chinese food growing up, so I started learning how to cook so I could make random food that I craved, like mac and cheese. Now I love cooking and trying new recipes. My least favorite activity would be cleaning the dishes afterwards though.

Fun facts

  • I rented a Citi bike to compete in a triathlon in college…and then crashed the bike.
  • I was stung by a jellyfish in Thailand and then was later forced to eat the jellyfish.
  • I was one of two Asian guys in my high school graduating class.
  • I started a company that ships meal kits by food influencers across the U.S.
  • I took hip hop dance classes in New York.
"Frenchie" French

Brandon “Frenchie” French
Age: 34
Hometown: Camden, Tennessee
Current City: Clarksville, Tennessee
Occupation: Farmer

Three words that describe you: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, compassionate, and exuberant.

Favorite activities: “Yes” days with the kids, fishing, playing with the baby animals, and grilling out.

Fun facts

  • At 13 I won the NFL national punt pass and kick competition.
  • We have a two-time grand national champion show bull that lives better than most humans.
  • I’m a proud member of the NAACP.
  • I’m prior military.
  • The only thing that I’m scared of in life is our devil rooster.
Hannah Chaddha

Age: 21
Hometown: Chicago
Current City: Chicago
Occupation: Graduate Student

Three words that describe you: Calculated, composed, and versatile.

Favorite activities: Dancing, fashion/styling, traveling, and binging Real Housewives.

Fun facts

  • I’ve always enjoyed school—especially science and math—and I graduated from university at 19 years old.
  • I’m a competitive hip-hop dancer.
  • I can hold my breath for over 90 seconds.
  • I used to be a personal stylist.
  • My parents are from South Africa and India.
Kyland Young

Age: 29
Hometown: San Bernardino County, California
Current City: Venice Beach, California
Occupation: Account Executive

Three words that describe you: Optimistic, dynamic, and engaging.

Favorite activities: Movies. I’m a HUGE movie fan, especially watching them at the theater. Popcorn is literally my favorite food, and I have a theater membership pass, which I typically use to see upwards of four movies each month. Also, games. Whether chess, escape rooms, football, or poker, I LOVE to compete in pretty much any type of games! And finally, trying new things! I love finding activities, sports, and places that can provide a unique and/or exciting experience. 

Fun facts

  • I’ve done two firewalks across coals/embers heated to more than 1000°F.
  • I read all the Twilight books (started in high school to have conversations with some senior girls who loved them, but finished them all because I got hooked).
  • I have four sisters.
  • I went to skydiving school.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m a Jedi and any day I will be able to move objects using the Force.
  • My favorite food is popcorn.
  • I use a fake police badge to skip all the lines at Comic-Con since it’s the only place where you can “legally” pretend to be a cop.
Sarah Steagall

Age: 27
Hometown: Boiling Springs, South Carolina
Current City: Ft. Myers, Florida
Occupation: Forensic Scientist

Three words that describe you: Sweet, quirky, and self-driven.

Favorite activities: Shopping, partying with friends, reading manga/watching anime, sewing, and singing.

Fun facts

  • I had a severe speech impediment and was unable to communicate clearly until I was seven years old.
  • I am a horrendous cook. As a chemist, I’m pretty ashamed that I can’t figure it out. Even if I follow a recipe, somehow it always turns out wrong.
  • I have a crippling phobia of moths/butterflies. I despise them and would kill them off if I could, regardless of the effects on the ecosystem.
  • I really like to cosplay, and because of that I’ve become quite the seamstress. I can also style wigs, make jewelry, and create prop armor/weapons.
  • Despite being a forensic chemist, I’ve never seen Dexter or Breaking Bad.
Tiffany Mitchell

Age: 40
Hometown: Detroit
Current City: Detroit
Occupation: Phlebotomist

Three words that describe you: Kind, funny, and outgoing.

Favorite activities: My favorite activities are entertaining my friends and family no matter what
we’re doing; working out, reading, and boating.

Fun facts

  • I am obsessed with horoscopes.
  • I love cats, especially mine, Tiger and Puma.
  • My favorite color is Tiffany Blue.
  • I do voice impersonations of my friends and family.
  • I utilize my alter ego.
Travis Long

Age: 22
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Current City: Honolulu
Occupation: Tech Sales Consultant

Three words that describe you: Rambunctious, curious, and strong-willed.

Favorite activities: Spearfishing, cliff jumping, cinematography, soccer, bouldering, skydiving, shark diving, sand volleyball, and surfing.

Fun facts

  • I am a published author with books sold on Amazon.
  • I am (almost) fluent in Spanish from growing up playing soccer and living in Costa Rica.
  • I gained almost 40 pounds one summer.
  • I’ve started multiple businesses since high school and have been sued by massive titans of industry.
  • I am an absolute prank master— I prank my roommates, friends, and family frequently.
  • I free dive and spear fish for my dinner multiple times a week.
  • I have a wall full of sticky notes of quotes and nuggets of knowledge from friends and family and people I’ve met in my room.
Whitney Williams

Age: 30
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Current City: Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Make-Up Artist

Three words that describe you: Resilient, quirky, and outgoing.

Favorite activities: Anything adventurous. Traveling with my sons. Working on my business, laid back days with my besties.

Fun facts

  • I was named after Whitney Houston, but I can’t sing in real life.
  • My company was nominated for the Best in Oregon Award only three years after I started.
  • I’m an excellent matchmaker, and even tried getting the tooth fairy and Santa Claus to meet when I was seven (Mrs. Claus who?).
  • I can wiggle my nose like a bunny.
  • I developed my own Tillamook ice cream flavor that you can actually buy in stores (keep an eye out for white chocolate raspberry).
Xavier Prather

Age: 27
Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Current City: Milwaukee
Occupation: Attorney

Three words that describe you: Personable, confident, and fun-loving.

Favorite activities: Playing basketball, spending time with family and friends, exercising, kayaking, hiking, and chillin’.

Fun facts

  • I’m a Taurus.
  • I have 10 siblings.
  • I was born with a severe clubfoot and had to learn to walk in a cast.
  • I completed a cross-cultural study abroad in England and Scotland.
  • I am not a fan of coffee. I actually made it through all of law school without even so much as a single shot of espresso.