Backdoor plan swings in to action as Xavier wins PoV following twist

 Backdoor plan swings in to action as Xavier wins PoV following twist

The Houseguests compete to win the Power of Veto. During the Veto meeting, the winner of the competition can keep nominations the same, or save someone from eviction for the week on BIG BROTHER Wednesday, August 25 (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network and live streaming on P+. Pictured: Xavier Prather Photo: CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Following on from the High Roller room twist which saw Alyssa win the ‘Chopping Block Roulette’ High Roller room game, as the only competing houseguest, Xavier found himself sitting on the block after Alyssa used her power to save Derek F and he was chosen by a random roulette spin.

Desperate to win the veto and ensure his safety, Azah, Derek F and Alyssa are chosen by random draw by Sarah Beth, Claire and Xavier respectively.

This weeks Veto comp was a game of dominos, with houseguests competing to successfully create trails of dominos which topple successively to ultimately hit a buzzer at the other side of the backyard. The houseguest with the fastest successful topple wins. However, houseguests had to choose between punishments to go along with the veto or prizes to keep instead of the veto. Scattered across the backyard are numerous prizes and punishments which houseguest could include as part of their trail. Each houseguest had to use 3 of these fixed dominos and couldn’t mix and match, they either went from prizes and sacrificed the veto, or played for the veto and picked up punishments along the way.

Everyone except Big D, who is already safe for the week, chose to play for the Veto. Big D successfully bagged himself 100 BB Bucks and $7,500 in cash. BB did not reveal who had won the prizes but everyone knew it was Big D anyway!

Xavier scored the fastest time and therefore won the Power of Veto. He did, however, also pickup 3 punishments along the way. BB Bankruptcy which sees him loose all his BB bucks, 24 hours in solitary confinement prior to the live eviction, and a 3rd nominee punishment, meaning he will automatically be on the block as a 3rd nominee at the next available opportunity (Either next week, or the following week if he wins HoH).

At the veto ceremony, unsurprisingly, Xavier used the veto to take himself off the block. Having considered naming Hannah as the replacement, Sarah Beth ultimately chose to put Derek X on the block alongside Claire, setting in to motion her big backdoor plan.

Will Derek X manage to talk his way to safety? and Who will become the next HoH? Tune in Friday, 8/7c on CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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