Christie gets saved again thanks to Tommy’s veto win

 Christie gets saved again thanks to Tommy’s veto win

Despite being on the block for the fourth straight week, the universe smiled down on Christie as she was saved once again thanks to help from a friend.

Wednesday’s episode picks up following Jackson’s nominations of Jessica and Christie. Jessica is surprised to be up but Christie is furious that she is on the block again.

This episode was so boring we were forced to watch the drama between Jackson and Holly argue over something extremely pointless and eventually makeup.

I’ll skip ahead to the Power of Veto competition, which saw the houseguests mess up the house (literally) in the classic “Hide and Go Veto” competition. Jackson finds three of five veto cards but it would be Tommy who would takes the PoV since his hiding spot was the best.

At the veto meeting, Tommy used the veto on Christie and Jackson nominated Cliff in his place.

Who will be evicted? Jessica or Cliff? Plus who will join them? Find out LIVE Thursday night with the big double eviction night on with host Julie Chen Moonves.

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