Cody wins Veto

 Cody wins Veto

Janelle and Kaysar find themselves in danger is week, as both fight for the power to remove themselves from the block. 

The players gathered to pick players for this weeks veto competition, with Cody, Memphis and Bayleigh being drawn to play alongside Tyler, Kaysar and Janelle.

This weeks veto competition was called “Cupcake Clash”.

In this challenge, houseguests were competing head to head. Each round, players had to move puzzle pieces around to complete the pink, yellow and blue cupcakes. Round One saw Tyler defeat Kaysar, Cody defeat Bayleigh and Memphis defeat Janelle.

As Tyler recorded the fastest time, he advanced directly to the championship. Cody defeated Memphis to take the second spot in the championship. In the final round, Cody defeated Tyler to win the Power of Veto.

Despite her best efforts at trying to convince Tyler to saver her, Janelle fails to convince him and the veto goes unused with noms remaining the same.

Who will be evicted? Stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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