Jackson wins PoV as Cliff’s ‘big plan’ turns into a big disappointment

 Jackson wins PoV as Cliff’s ‘big plan’ turns into a big disappointment

Cliff promised fans a big week and instead he himself became a massive disappointment in Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother.

The episode kicks off following his nominations of Jack and Jackson. The guys are taking it well but secretly, Jackson is planning to try and manipulate Christie to get her to use her power at the veto meeting. However, Christie says she won’t use it unless one of the six wins PoV because she doesn’t trust anyone else.

Jack uses his redraw power and Kat, Analyse, and Sam all play with Cliff, Jack, and Jackson in the PoV competition. For this week’s comp, the HGs most strip to their swimsuits in the fastest time. Jackson would do it in 2:59 and win the veto.

Cliff is now worried that Christie will use her power and his week will be for nothing.

Christie meets with Cliff and tells him if he were to put up Bella, she won’t use her power and will promise him two weeks of safety beginning next week. Cliff responds that he will he will honor the deal to put Bella up.

At the veto meeting, Jackson takes himself off the block and Cliff nominates Bella in his place.

This week had great promise but Cliff’s big move is now a big flop. He failed to make the biggest move of the season, securing his legacy in the game as someone who choked. Sad.

Big Brother continues on Thursday night. 

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