Jessica wins PoV, sealing the fate of ‘The Jacks’

 Jessica wins PoV, sealing the fate of ‘The Jacks’

Jessica has all the power in the Big Brother house this week and she is determined to make her HOH reign mean something.

Wednesday night’s episode kicked off following Jessica’s nominations of Jack and Jackson. Christie is upset Jack is on the block but reminds viewers she has her power in her back pocket and may use it. Spoiler alert, she doesn’t. 

Meanwhile, Jessica informs Holly, Kat, and Nicole her target is Jack. She says she does not want to name a replacement nominee and hopes they all can respect that. They pick players for the veto meeting as Kat, Nick, and Tommy join the Jacks and Jessica.

The veto competition saw the players get spun around and shoot a “rocket” into the field to score points. In the end, it would come down to Jessica and Nick. He went first in the last round, scoring 17. Jessica nails 28 and wins the Power of Veto.

Jessica’s win ensured two things. The first is she has complete control this week and second is Christie’s power has expired. We all knew Jessica wouldn’t use the veto despite what the edit may want us to think.

At the veto meeting, Jessica decides to not use the veto. This guarantees that either Jack or Jackson would become the first member of the jury.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, Jack or Jackson? Find out Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS with the live eviction with host Julie Chen Moonves.

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