Sam wins first Power of Veto of the season as paranoia sets in

 Sam wins first Power of Veto of the season as paranoia sets in

Big Brother continued on Tuesday night with the first Power of Veto competition and paranoia beginning to set in.

Tuesday’s episode kicked off following Christine’s nominations of Cliff and Kathryn. Gr8ful meets up and decides they (or Jack) wants Kemi out but Christine is having some second thoughts about it. 

We get some very pointless showmance stuff that I’m not going even to get into, so let’s get straight into this veto competition.

Season 20 winner Kaycee Clark returned to host the competition, which saw Sam, Nicole, Christie, Kat, and Cliff all taking part. The object of the game was simple, to catch food items and have the most points at the end of the game.

Three players struggled in this one. Cliff, Kathryn, and Nicole all did not record a single point. Jack had 20 and Sam had 21, making him the winner of the first PoV of the summer.

With Sam’s veto win, he has already made it known he wants to take Cliff off the block. Christine is upset and panicking because Jack is going on a power trip, literally going through his order for who gets evicted. This upsets Christine and she begins to cry.

Later, Christine and Sam talk. She cries yet again about how she does not want this to turn into the “Jack Show” and even rats out a group she knows exists aka it’s her alliance. Sam asks if there enough votes to send Jack home but Christine says no.

At the veto meeting, Sam removes Cliff from the block as expected. Christine then nominates Ovi in his place, sealing this week’s nominations in place.

However, will there be an eviction tomorrow? A new twist could change everything but more on that later.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Ovi or Kathryn? Find out LIVE at 9/8c Wednesday night on CBS with host Julie Chen Moonves.

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