Things get fruity in the first Veto competition of the season

 Things get fruity in the first Veto competition of the season

After nominating Kyland and Alyssa for eviction as his first duty as HoH, tonight’s episode saw Frenchie question that decision almost immediately – as Christian and Alyssa took him aside to protest that they were not and would not be involved in a showmance and had no reason to come after him or his team.

Later, Frenchie overheard Kyland, Derek X, Travis and Claire discussing his seeming car crash of an HoH. This lead to a discussion with Brent, during which Frenchie agreed his 2nd (or is it 3rd?) final 2 deal of the season, before discussing the possibility of targeting Derek X or Travis over Alyssa.

It was soon time to pick players for the Veto comp. Frenchie went first and drew Tiffany’s name from the bag, before Kyland drew houseguest choice and chose Travis to play, with Alyssa drawing Derek X as the final competitor; things didn’t seem to be working out for Frenchie!

In this weeks competition, each of the 6 competing houseguests had a cocktail ramp, which had fixed ingredients and sloped down towards a clear basket at the bottom. The houseguests had to use various “garnish” to guide the “cherry” ball to the bottom of the slope, and into the basket – hitting every “garnish” on the way down. The first to do so would win the Power of Veto and the ability to veto one of Frenchie’s earlier nominations.

The 6 battled it out but only one could win, with Derek X ultimately claiming victory, much to Frenchie’s disappointment.

At the Veto ceremony, following a request from Frenchie to do so, Derek X used the Power of Veto to save Kyland from the block. Frenchie then completed his car crash week, by going back on an early promise and nominating Travis for eviction.

So Travis or Alyssa, one of them will be headed home this week – tune into CBS at 8/7c this Thursday to see who will be the first houseguest headed home and stick with Big Blagger for the latest!


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