Xavier wins final PoV

 Xavier wins final PoV

With Kyland and Azah on the block, the Power of Veto was once again up for grabs.

This week saw houseguests compete in the BB winning days comp.

Houseguests we’re given events which took place this summer, and tasked with walking across their see saw each time collecting a numbered ball which they then had to return to their see saw and balance before hitting the buzzer once they had the balls adding up the correct number successfully placed on the see saw. Last person to ring in each round receives a strike and if you get 2 strikes, you’re out.

In a shock twist, Big D managed to beat Kyland who was first to receive 2 strikes and was therefore first to be eliminated.

He was followed by Azah and just as the tides seemed to be turning for Derek and it looked like he might win something, he was beaten by current HoH, Xavier.

Unfortunately BB was being a tease and it was not revealed whether or not Xavier used the veto. For that, tune in to CBS tonight 8/7c and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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