Big Brother 25 competition spoilers taken from the live feeds!

Week 4

Head of Household: Cameron


Power of Veto:  

Replacement nominee: 

Evicted: TBD

Week 3

Head of Household: Felicia

Nominated: Cameron & Jag

Power of Veto:  Jag

Replacement nominee: Hisam

Evicted: Hisam, 11-0

Week 2

Head of Household: Hisam

Nominated: Cameron & Reilly

Power of Veto:  Hisam

Replacement nominee: Veto not used

Evicted: Reilly, 12-0

Week 1

Head Of Household: Reilly

Nominated: Jared, Mecole, Felicia, Cory

Power of Veto: Hisam

Veto Ceremony:: Veto not used

Evicted: Kirsten, 13-0