Does Derek X succeed in his plan to evict Christian?

 Does Derek X succeed in his plan to evict Christian?

Big Brother kicked out another houseguest last night in the latest LIVE eviction, but did Derek X’s target Christian get the boot?

The eviction episode picked up right from where the Veto episode left off with Christian fighting hard to keep himself in the house this week.

Christian’s campaigning however ends in failure with Derek X naming him as a replacement nominee at the Veto meeting by saying it’s no secret that Christian is a large, competitive threat to everyone in the room.

Christian calls Derek a coward for putting him on the block, but thinks he can still swing the votes in his favour, to which Big D agrees.

During the eviction ceremony, Christian reminds the house of his loyalty but says he will take nothing personally if he is evicted. Sarah Beth says that if she makes it to jury she would have an objective vote, however Julie interupts with “How do you know I don’t have a twist up my sleeve about jury?!”.

Christian is ultimately evicted from the house by a vote of 7-2.

Julie ends the episode by revealing the next big twist of the season, as well as informing the house that they’ve all made jury – with a twist!

A new room will open at the BB Beach Club called the ‘High Roller’s Room’.

Inside the room are 3 unique casino games which come with 3 unique powers. Would they like to take themselves off the block? Earn a second Veto? Flip the power in their favour?

America will be voting to give the houseguests bucks to play – the better the prize, the more expensive the play!

Who will be the new HoH? Find out Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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